Jim met us with his good friend Jeff Herold, at his booth at the Orange County Convention Center at the 2020 PGA Show in Orlando this January.  Jeff is “boss extraordinaire” as Jim calls him, of Club Glove USA and Scheyden Eyewear.  The good news is, we all get a discount on eyewear now.  Thanks Jeff!

Scheyden Eyewear was named after Jeff’s son who was 4 years old at the time and has become a leader in sunglass quality and performance.  The lenses on these beautiful, boutique sunglasses are second to none in the industry.  Jeff’s background as a pilot has led to Scheyden becoming very popular in the aviation community.  In fact, they are an approved provider of sunglasses to the United States Air Force.

The secret to their amazing lenses comes in the material.  “We use glass CR-39 and a nylon polyamide in our lenses'” states Harold.  Most of the sunglass companies use a polycarbonate.  Polycarbonate is a strong material that is very good for sunglasses, but it does not lead to as clear of lense that customers get with the Scheyden glasses.

As the conversation turned to Club Glove, Jim brags a bit on the few pieces of Club Glove luggage that he has owned for years and years and still uses to this day even with all the traveling he has done during his career.  He is amazed at how well they have held up and asks Jeff to give some in site on what goes into making such durable luggage.

“We have people that send their bags in for repair after 20 years!”  Harold tells us.  “They might have a rivet pop”  Jeff goes on to say “We are the most expensive golf travel bag in the industry but by far the best value.”

Club Glove is always looking for more ways to improve their already amazing products in their line of travel pieces.  They have everything from golf luggage, to regular luggage as well have briefcases and garment bags.  They strive to remain on the leading edge of technology in the travel bag industry.