On this edition of Jim Kelly’s 19th Hole, we are at the 2020 PGA Show where Jim ran into his dear friend and PGA Tour Hall of Famer, Chi Chi Rodriguez on the show floor.  Always a gentleman, Chi Chi was more than happy to give Jim a few minutes to talk about the latest goings-on in his busy world.

The Jackpot Tour is going to be launching soon.  Chi Chi is forming this new tour to help young professionals get an opportunity to gain some experience in the world of professional golf.  “This game is very hard to get started in professionally,” stated Rodriguez.  He relished the chance to help give back to the game that has given so much to him.

Jim asks Chi Chi his thoughts on how the game of golf has changed since his days of playing on the PGA Tour.  “Everything is relative.  John Wayne used to make $5000 for a picture.  Tom Cruise just made $15 million!”  He went on to say that he was very happy about the money the young guys can earn today.  He enjoys watching the game and watching them play so well.

Of course, Jim and his dear friend had some laughs too as well as Chi Chi giving the camera his famous sword fight move before signing off.